Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend in CT

So last weekend, I flew home on Thursday AM. I arrived in Hartford around 630. Dad picked me up and we stopped for pizza on the way home. On Friday, Kimmy came home so we got to hang out. We went out shopping for a little while, then had more pizza with the family on Friday night. I also got to see Marla & Tara on Friday night!! Friday was also the day I surprised my Grandparents & it was so much fun. We went over to their place on Fri AM to go out to breakfast. My Mom walked in the house & then I did. They were shocked!!

Saturday, I got my hair done(so much cheaper in CT!!) Then, we all went out to dinner to celebrate my Grandpas 80th bday(he turned in July), Grandma's birthday & Their 60th Wedding Anniv. It was so much fun to be together.

Kaitlin, Kimmy, Erin, & Me with Grandma & Grandpa. Just missing our other cousin, Brigid who lives in WI.

Grandma & Grandpa with their three children

All of us cousins with my Aunt Ann

After dinner, we went back to my parents to watch the Giants game. The party ended early because everyone was tired!

On Sunday, I stopped by Erik's house to see his parents. Then, it was off to the airport. I was very very very sad to say goodbye. I just think that if I get this upset when it's time to leave, then it doesn't make sense to live so far away. We have been out in CA for 3 yrs and it has never gotten easier......

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