Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Long Travel Day

Today started at 4:30am when I got picked up by a cab to go to the airport. We took off at 6am for Chicago. After connecting in Chicago, we landed in Cleveland around 4pm. Then, we rented a car and finally arrived at the hotel by 5:30. Whew.

We met with two of our clients for dinner at a local spot with "Ohio" food, called Gasoline Alley. We ordered a bunch of food to share including:

Kraut Balls (Didn't try, they had pork in them)
Reuben Pizza (Didn't try, don't eat beef)
Fried Pickles

For dinner, I had...

Glen Bob’s Eggplant Sandwich
Fried, breaded eggplant, smothered in mozzarella &
provolone cheese, layered with tomato sauce and
served on a grilled roll.

The sandwich came with FOUR pieces of eggplant on it that I could only eat half of it.  

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel where I promptly got into bed to watch TV. It has been a looonnng day!

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