Sunday, August 5, 2012


Friday was a fun day. I had to work from home in the AM but then we all went out to lunch at The Grove in Hayes Valley. Erik was off from work so he was able to join us, too! We went to lunch, perused the shops, and then stopped back home for a little while.

After taking Evie out, we went back to Hayes Valley to the Biergarten. It's this cool outdoor bar that serves beer and other "Oktoberfest" type food like Brat and Pretzels. Tiffany met up with us too so it was fun except that it was FREEZING. I am talking 60 and windy. I had on a sweater AND a fleece jacket. :-/

A HUGE beer!

After beers, we headed to Off the Grid to hit up the food trucks. It was so cold but we persevered so we could have a yummy dinner.

Erik and Kimmy hit up the Curry Up Now Truck and Tiffany and I got The Chairman. This is quite the buzzworthy truck so I was excited to try it.

The Chairman serves up Asian Street food. I had the chicken steamed bun. So good!

It was fun to try a new truck but it was so cold and misting out at this point, we just wanted to get home.

It was a good Friday!!

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