Sunday, August 5, 2012

Searching for Sun

This morning, we got up and used our new waffle maker for breakfast. Erik made us some yummy waffles! Kimmy had to go to the airport around noon and then Erik and I had the rest of the day ahead of us. It was STILL foggy in the city and I had about had it with the fog. So, we headed north to Marin in search of some SUN.

We went to the Tennessee Valley Trail and did a 3mile walk out to the beach and back. It was a great hike and way to spend our dad!

Saw a horse on the trail

You can see the water in the distance

We walked out to Tennessee Beach

After hiking, we went to lunch at Hawk's Tavern in Mill Valley. Mill Valley is also where Evie's specialist is so we've been up here a bit over the past few weeks. We really love Mill Valley - 20 min ride from SF, quiet, cute homes, shops, and restaurants. 

Hawk's Tavern

I had the turkey burger and Erik had the grass fed beef burger. Everything was so good and our server was awesome. We would totally go back here for dinner sometime!

What a really fun weekend we had. So good to see Kimmy, all hang out together, and get to be outside in the SUN for a little while. 

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