Monday, August 20, 2012

Where did August Go?

How is it August 20th already?? We had a pretty chill weekend which was nice. On Friday, Erik got us lobsters for dinner so we had a yummy dinner.

We had our team run on Saturday at the Conservatory of Flowers and it was only a 60 min run. It was a pretty good run! I have been trying to do pilates to work on my core strength and of course, Erik has been swimming and surfing on top of running. We are also doing pretty well with our fundraising and have three more events lined up to meet our fundraising goals!

On Sunday, Tiffany came into SFand we went out to a local bar for a fundraiser for Betsy & Greg. They are training with us for the Nike race and held a great fundraiser.

We are gearing up for Evie's surgery this week. I haven't been sleeping that well and I think it is because I am nervous for her. I know it is knee surgery and not brain surgery but she is the baby and I am going to worry until they call and tell me she is fine. I'm also just not sure what to expect when we get home - how will she feel? Will she want to just lay around? Will she want to sleep by herself or will I be sleeping on the couch for the weekend with her? Ahhhh. I guess no point in worrying because it will all work itself out.

We'll let you know how it goes!!

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