Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scrubbin' Sunday

Today, Erik got up bright and early to surf again. Evie and I "slept in" until 7:30am. Man how things change when that feels like sleeping in compared to being in high school and college, sleeping til 10 or 11!

I was on a cleaning frenzy today - doing laundry, changed the sheets, vacummed everything, cleaned out the fridge, organized the cabinets....It felt good to see all that work completed. I also put my bike on Craigslist. I loooooove my hybrid bike but I really want to get a road bike. The hybrid is a bit heavy and I'm looking for something lighter and easier to ride.

We had a great dinner of Erik making tortillas again and I made a chicken/veggie/cheese mix to top them.

This weekend was really uneventful but I feel like we worked out hard, cleaned & organized, and got some rest. We're ready to start the week!

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