Monday, August 27, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday was another chill day for us - are you catching our pattern of the weekend? Care for Evie, lounge around, repeat. It's good though - a chance to stay home and just chill out.

I got some laundry done and made a peach pie while Erik surfed in the AM. Evie and I headed out to do some errands while Erik brewed beer in the afternoon. We went down to Target and Home Depot. I got her an Ace Bandage at Target thinking that we could wrap her leg to cover the stitches and avoid using the cone. Yah, it won't stay on her leg no matter how we tie it .Grrrr.

At Home Depot, I got her a little 3x5' rug. When we are at work, she is going to have to stay in the kitchen with her bed and blankets so she cannot jump on & off the couch. I got her the little rug to help warm up the floor in the kitchen & keep her comfortable. It was only $10 - what a steal! It was also nice to get Evie out of the house on a little joy ride.

We ended up getting Chinese food take out & watching Indiana Jones last night while Evie chewed on her new bone. We're trying to give her bones that will keep her busy since she can't play with her other toys like rope and balls right now.

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