Monday, August 27, 2012

Running Solo

Saturday turned out to be a decent day despite not getting any sleep! Erik got up and did his long run on his own which was great. I did mine a little later in the day.

I went out around 1pm and did my planned 9 miles. At first I thought, well, I'll just go for as long as I can. Then I thought, I'm already out here just do the entire 9 miles. So, I did. I ran with music and my Garmin watch and it was great!! I'm glad I didn't talk myself out of doing that run with things like, oh its already afternoon, 9 miles is too long to do it alone, blah blah. I decided to do it & did it. Woot! Erik went surfing after I came home and Evie and I just lounged on the couch together.

Evie is doing very well. She is using her leg when she's outside, eating normally, and resting. She has not barked at us in five days. I still can't believe it. haha

Here is the patient, asleep. You can see her stitches on her leg.

Evie loved playing with her new toy. It has a huge squeaking ball in it so of course, that is fun for her to try to get out of the toy.

Saturday night was pretty low key. We had homemade veggie lasagna, a bottle of wine ,and watched a movie. We tried to keep Evie in the living room to sleep and she cried, but eventually slept. We woke up to her crying and I put her in the bathroom to sleep. We woke up again at like 4am and Erik put her on the bed ---where she slept soundly! Ughhhh. I guess sleeping on the bed is what is going to work but she cannot jump off the bed. I think as long as she has a sedative pill before sleeping - she will sleep well and not try to get off the bed. We definitely all need to sleep!!!

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