Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Band is Back Together

Before Kimmy arrived for the weekend, I threw some ideas out there for the day that included going to Sonoma after we ran with our team in the AM. We met up with the team at 8am to run for 65 min. It was a foggy AM but it was a great run. We ran up the hill to the start of GG Bridge which was cool. This is also part of the NIKE course so it was good to see that part. 

 After running, we headed out to Beachside Cafe. A new spot that we randomly found but it was reallyyyyy good.
I had the fried egg sandwich

Erik had an egg sandwich dish and a waffle. Kimmy loved her egg burrito
After breakfast, I insisted we figure out something to do but instead, we went home. We all climbed on the couch, put the Olympics on, and fell asleep. And, it was pretty perfect and probably exactly where we all needed to be. It was foggy, we ran in the AM, and just chilled out.

We got up and did something fun around 6pm - went to BINGO. We drove back down to the beach to the Riptide Bar. They have bingo each Saturday and it's free! They also have beer specials AND you can bring in pizza, wings, etc from the pizza place next door. We were so close to winning one game but didn't make it.

 At one point in the game, the Bingo caller passed out jello shots to everyone. How funny! When is the last time you had a jello shot!
Erik, afraid of the jello

After Bingo, we stopped at the Fireside Bar and then headed home. So, the Saturday with a loose plan turned into an even more fun Saturday without one!

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