Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rough Night

Miss May is doing pretty good. Too good, probably. She is not acting like she is in any type of pain but she is being quiet - which we all know is super rare. I was home with her on Friday and took her out a few times. She hops/uses her leg a little bit to get to the park to go the bathroom. Has no trouble doing #1 or #2 which is a great thing. I read a lot about other dogs who had trouble getting accomodated after the surgery but not our May. I have been helping her up & down the stairs and couch but yesterday, she did the stairs by herself. Erik is going to do more of the lifting this weekend though because dead lifting 55lb multiple times per day is starting to wear on me!

She is resting/sleeping a lot which is great. However, last night was not so great.

I tried to leave her on the couch to sleep and gated her in the living room but she cried. I let her on the bed and she literally was moving around every 5 min. She could not get comfortable and I was super conscious of her leg. I barely slept on and off through the night.

We were supposed to get up at 6:30 for our team run today and we opted not to go. I was completely exhausted and still had to get May out, give her pills, etc. It was not happening. It's OK. We can run on our own and I'd rather do that than run on no sleep.

We are thinking that Evie needs to be crated at night, unfortunately. If we give her a sedative pill and put her in there, she should be fine. She needs to sleep, too!

Today, we took that wrap off of her leg. Her incision & stitches look amazing - minimal bruising, great stitching. We are so so happy with the Sam's Clinic of Mill Valley, where the surgery was done. Dr. Sams is awesome - very gentle, transparent with all procedure details and costs, very patient. He is great.

She IS going to try to lick the crap out of this incision though so when we aren't home...she has to wear the cone. Sad! But, it's for her own good.

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