Friday, October 19, 2012


Evie got a good review at the Vet but she is not 100% yet. She is 80% and that is great. The Vet said that her leg looks great and we can increase her activity, with some limitations. 

Right now, her leg is weaker than the other one so we need to build up the muscle again and get her strong. If we have her do too much, she could get tendonitis or pull a muscle. There is a lot of soft tissue in her leg that still needs to heal. Essentially, she will be healing for the next 3-4 months. 

What she CAN do now:
  • Unlimited walks
  • Unlimited hikes
  • Swim
  • Jump in and out of the car
  • Jump on the bed/couch
What she CANNOT still do:
  • Run around like a maniac at camp
  • Run around like a maniac on her long leash
  • Go crazy running and playing with other dogs
Ahhhh le sigh .I was *hoping* that she could go to camp and be freeeeee but that is not happening. Luckily, I think her camp will be able to help us keep her safe with some calm companions and maybe a walk or two. I'm calling them today to find out. 

After I picked her up, she was so exhausted. She zonked out on the couch. I am so lucky that work is so flexible with this situation. I was able to leave early to go get her and finish the day at home.

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