Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Party

On Sunday, we went out to the East Bay to visit our friends for a Fall Party. Although it was about 75 degrees out, it was still a fun time. I made a pumpkin bean dip and low fat pumpkin bread. Both Deeeelish!
 Kitchen Aid mixer = like having a robot on your counter doing the work for you
 The Ingredients
 Super Easy Dip!!

 Found these super cute chips but....
Look at this crazy looking Dracula on the bag. hahaha

We chilled out at Tiffany's with a bunch of peeps on the back porch in the SUN and warmth! There was sooooo much food  - chilli, pumpkin apple soup, pumpkin bars, pumpkin beer, and the list goes on. We also brought Teen Witch and Hocus Pocus but didn't watch them. 

FUN time. We heart "fall" :-)

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