Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hot Tuesday

Tuesday was SO hot - we are talking 80-90 in the city. I was sweating on the bus ride home and was able to walk home in my skirt without being cold. Usually, the fog is here and I'm cold for those few blocks home. So - it was really wonderful being WARM!

Erik had hockey on Tuesday night at 8pm so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Betsy & I go to out to enjoy the weather. I went out in a summer dress, at 7:30pm, which is unheard of for SF! We walked a few blocks to Tsunami Sushi. We had a delicious dinner and then went outside for a glass of wine.

Tsunami is next to this little bar, Corkage, that has outdoor seating.  The outdoor seating was packed due to the warm weather!

Fun Tuesday night - good friend, warm weather, sushi, drinks outside! 

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