Thursday, October 4, 2012

Evie Update

Here is our Evie May on Sunday, cuddling with me on the couch. She loves to wedge herself in between me and the couch. It's pretty funny because she will throw one arm over you and really get comfortable.

We have about two weeks to go until our next appointment at the Vet. At this appointment, she will get another set of x-rays to get her leg checked out. It's really creepy but you can FEEL the plate/screw thing in her leg. Eeeeeekkkkk!

Fingers crossed that everything looks good and she is cleared to live her normal life again. She is walking really well, trotting around, and of course NOT wanting us to pick her up anymore. She is starting to wiggle around when you pick her up which of course ups the risk of me dropping her but haven't done that yet.

Cannot wait to bring her on a long walk, someplace to RUN, and of course, to camp. I let camp know how she is doing and they actually said they miss her! Awwwwww...

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