Monday, October 8, 2012

Last TNT Run!

Friday was pretty mellow because we had our LAST TNT run on Saturday. Yep, the big race is on Sunday, 10/14!!! We had a delicious Salmon dinner and went to bed early.

We were up on Saturday at 6:30am and drove up to the Marina with Betsy & Greg. It was a beautiful morning - no fog, the sun was just coming up, so pretty!

 The bridge was stuck under the fog!

 Our coaches giving one last pre-run send off!!
 Ok Fog, give the bridge back

 Gorgeous. One of those days where you are like, I can't believe I live here!

 Lots to look at this weekend - It was America's Cup & Fleet Week in the Marina

 We are READY! One week to go and it's NIKE time. Erik and I are so happy to say that we raised $4,000 to fight cancer. Woohoo!!!!
After the run, we had brunch with Betsy & Greg at Radish - our fave breakfast spot. So delish. Erik hit the beach and I hit the couch after that. Haha. I think maybe I was dehydrated a little because I got a headache once we were home :-(

We stayed in on Saturday night. We had a big pasta & meatball dinner and watched Snow White and the Huntsmen. 

Charlize Theron - very good. Kristen Stewart as Snow White - not so good. She must have had five lines in the entire movie!

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