Monday, October 8, 2012


This weekend, I felt something in Evie's leg - the one with the new knee. It was something small, moving around, and I immediately thought - oh crap, a screw came loose. I spent a good part of Sunday night googling "Loose screw TPLO Surgery" and saw that this CAN happen. I emailed the Vet and they called me on Monday AM.

They were able to get us in on Monday afternoon for a quick check. Evie was out of breath, sweating, panting, circling, and overall panicking at the Vet. Such a baby. We waited outside in the parking lot, in the sun, so she could walk around and relax.

We saw the Vet quick, he felt her leg and instantly said, "It's a suture knot" WHEW!!! Thank Goodness. All it is, is a little ball of stitches in her leg. I thought she bit a stitch out but maybe it came loose and slipped back into her leg. Ahhhhh! It's Ok though because it will just dissolve.

She was thrilled to get back in the car and truly relax at home. This is her around 4:30pm. She exhausted herself. 
One week until we get the final x-rays and the "All Clear" from the doctor. Yippeeeeee!!

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