Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crazy Thursday

On Thursday night, we went out for a goodbye party for my boss. Her last day is this week. We started with a champagne toast with the whole team at B44 on Belden Place.
Belden Place is a super cute alley with a bunch of restaurants...
We were able to sit outside which was nice!

After champagne, we headed to Puerto Alegre for a mexican dinner and....margaritas.
I NEVER drink margaritas or hard liquor. This was the biggest mistake of the night. Leaving Puerto Alegre, we were drunk.

Then, we went to Blondie's for another drink where I could only drink about half a beer.

After Blondie's, we went to Churchill and finally, HOME. My stomach was a mess from mixing those margaritas and beer. Needless to say, Friday was REALLY difficult and everyone was hungover at work. It sucked!!! Well, we will miss my boss big time and it was good that we could all send her out with a bang. haha

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