Sunday, October 16, 2011

Running Inspiration

Meet Joy Johnson. She is 84 and will run her 24th straight NYC Marathon next week. She will be the oldest female runner there. Her secret to staying fit is to eat right, log up to 50 miles per week running, and doing up to 150 push ups per day. She was just featured in Runner's World this month and was in the WSJ last year.

She didn't even start running until she was in her late 50's! Unbelievable.

I am officially signed up for the Mermaid 10k and am so excited for it. My co-workers and I are already planning out where to have brunch after the race - haha! I ran 4 miles today & it felt great.

I would really love to run a Disney Half Marathon. The one at Disneyland in January is already sold out but maybe I can get to the one in September or 2012.

I also have no desire to run a full 26.2 but I would think about running NYC Marathon once in my life. It seems like so much fun. The course is jam packed and you get to see so much of NY. It would be a LOT of work to train for that though. Maybe someday!

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