Sunday, October 16, 2011

On The Go Blah's

On Wednesday night, I went to a big dinner with reps from companies like Ebay, Del Monte, and other ad agencies. It was at Town Hall, a restaurant that I've been to before.

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I got to see my friend Sarah, some old clients, and my friend Ryan who I haven't seen in ages.

Dinner was pretty normal of salad, salmon, and dessert. We were in a private dining room and the servers just kept filling up everyone's wine glasses. I woke up on Thursday not feeling so hot. However, I didn't feel drunk on Wednesday night - just not that good. It lasted all day Thursday.

I went out on Thursday with Sarah & Lisa and felt ok. Friday I still didn't feel right & especially on Friday night. Saturday, woke up feeling the same way and started to wonder if I had food poisoning or something? I don't know. I did eat out on Wed & Thurs so it could have been something.

I finally feel back to normal today and am excited to go out for my run & get out of the house. We haven't been doing much this weekend. Erik has been getting to surf a lot! I felt bad cancelling our plans last night but I just did not feel well enough to go out let alone drink and eat out again.

If I didn't eat anything bad, maybe the on-the-go-ness just got to me? I don't think I can handle eating out a lot and we had done so due to my Mom's visit and two nights out this week. So strange how your body changes on you as you get "older"!

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