Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday in Ohio

Yesterday, I flew to Cleveland for a quick work trip. The flight was at 12:20 so I didn't have to get up super early or anything, which was great. I was able to go for a run, finish packing, and get a manicure before going to the airport. Erik dropped Evie off at camp, too, so that he gets three days to himself which will be nice. When I told Evie she was going to camp, she seriously squealed in delight. haha

Last night, we stopped at Subway for dinner to bring back to the hotel. I wasn't tired until like 1am since we changed time zones. It worked out though because we didn't have any meetings until lunch today. I got another run in this AM. It's so nice running in the suburbs - wide streets, uncrowded sidewalks, no stop signs or stop lights every few blocks, and it smells nice and clean!

I definitely miss Erik and Evie when I am away though and for sure, don't sleep well. I suppose it is nice that we each get some time apart but I am always happy to go home and be reunited.

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