Saturday, November 12, 2011

10K Mermaid Race

This morning, we ran the 10K Mermaid Race! I picked Nicole up around 7:15 so we could get over to the Marina Green to pick up our race bibs, t-shirts, and meet up with our two other friends. It was supposed to rain today but it didn't! It was gray & cold when we got there but by the time the race started, the sun was coming out!

Nicole & I...Ready to run!

Elle & Nicole
There were a ton of women set to run today. The Mermaid Series is an all-women race series. There was a 5K and 10K today. The 5K runners set out about 15 min before the 10K runners.

Nicole, Me, Meghan, and Elle ready to go!
We ran along Chrissy Field and the views were gorgeous.There were a lot of people in this race and it was hard to get started. We were kind of packed into the start and so it was a slow start to find space to really get going.

Once you found a spot, the course was pretty good. It was a flat course that had us run down to the Golden Gate Bridge. We did two loops by the bridge and then headed back down the Marina Blvd. I ran the whole race except for a few second stops to get water at the stop and re-tie my shoes.

Where's Waldo?

Heading into mile 6. Great views!I finished the race in 1:09. For my first 10K, I feel happy with how it went, how I felt, and how I did. I now know where I can push myself so that I can run a bit faster. I definitely had some energy in the tank to sprint the finish. Also, with a race that allows for a wider start, I think that time could be improved.

My only complaint was the MUD. The race tents were set up in the grass of the Marina Green and it rained yesterday so it was very muddy. The Finish chute was also set up in the grass. So, you saw the finish, sprinted down the asphalt that lead you into the grass. It was so muddy & slippery so that was annoying.

We received a nice bag and t-shirt at this race. We also got some snacks and PINK SHOELACES. Yippeee! Can't wait to put these on my shoes. I heart pink!

The t-shirt is women's cut and a little long so that means it makes for a nice fit!

Beyond the mud and she squished start, the race was really well executed. It was fun to do the run with other people & see them out on the course.

After the race, we went to brunch at Rose's Cafe.
I swear we sat next to Danielle Steel. She lives in the neighborhood so it's likely!
Great race!

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