Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rip Curl Pro Search

The Rip Curl Pro Search is taking place at Ocean Beach from Nov 1 - 12th. The days of competition are dependent on the weather and wave conditions. Lucky for us, today was a competition day and we got to see one of the most famous surfers in the world - Kelly Slater.

It was a sunny but chilly day down at the beach. According to Erik, the conditions weren't that great, too.

There was a huge set up on the beach for the announcers and a stage for the surfers.

Not sure who this surfer is. This competition was one of many that go on throughout the year. Kind of like how the USTA has a matches all year, and players rack up points to get their ranking. I think surfing works the same way.

It was very exciting when Kelly Slater was done surfing. Photographers bombarded him IN the water and everyone ran up to him as he came on to the sand. He is in the middle of this pack somewhere. I saw his head for about one second. hahaHere he is talking to the crowd. What is exciting was that at this competition, he was also crowned with his 11th World Champion title. He has racked up so many points during other competitions this year, that this surfing gave him the title. So, that was exciting!

There was some controversy earlier in the week. Apparently, the scores were added incorrectly and he was told he had won a few days ago. However, they went back to recalculate and had to tell him he had not won. So, today, he was officially announced the winner. It was fun to be there for that!
I had to take a picture of this dog. He was so cute. Look at his face!
Thoroughly embarassing Erik with my "Hang Loose" pose.

Oh wait, he did it too. haha!This super nice photographer saw us taking pics and offered to take one for us. How nice!
After watching surfing, we went to the Beach Chalet for lunch. We still had a great view of the beach! Even though I am not the surfer, I had a fun time today. It was exciting to see the surfers out there and being there for a big win!

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