Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running in the Rain

It is raining here today and we're expecting it to rain allll day. Erik and I thought about running the Hunger 5K today, which is a race we've run in the past. However, we said if it was raining that we wouldn't run.

Well, I ended up running in the rain anyway. At least I didn't pay to do it! There was a break in the rain so I thought it was the perfect time to get out and run. Of course, about 10 minutes into the run, it started to really come down. I thought about turning around but figured I was already out there and wet, so why not just finish. Thankfully, I wore a visor to keep the rain out of my face.

This is Evie sitting by me as I got ready to go out. She is thinking, "Are you really going to go out when it might RAIN on you?"

I picked up this cheap $10 watch to see my pace while running, until I get a Garmin.
I really have no true idea how far or fast I am going out there. I use MapMyRun to map out a route on the computer, which differs from the app. I thought I went out for three miles but the map said 3.3 miles. The app says I ran 3.4 miles in 35 mins and my watch said I ran it in 33 mins. Oh well! I feel like I am becoming a better runner and feel comfortable running a few miles at a time. I can back off on speed or push myself and can sense when it's ok to do so. Getting better makes running fun!
Heyyyyyyyy....I'm soaking wet!!

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