Sunday, November 6, 2011

Swimming Laps

On Saturday, I did something I haven't done in about five years - went swimming in a lap pool.

The last time I swam was probably before we moved to CA, with Erik, at the YMCA. I've been trying to find new things to do for exercise beyond running and thought about going back to swim. Erik and his friend Ian swim frequently at Aquatic Park aka the Bay so he is used to swimming. Our friends Betsy & Greg often go to the pool to swim laps, too. So, we all got together to go swimming!

Lap swim was from 9-10am. I was feeling nervous about being able to swim a lap in the pool but it was great! None of us were swimming with flip turns or anything so it all worked out. Lap Swim is open in the early AM, evening, and weekends so I definitely want to take advantage of these local pool times!

After swimming, I had a hair appointment. I had an AWESOME deal from Trubates for $75 for partial highlights AND haircut. That is just a downright steal. I have gone to the same salon a few times for my hair but I don't LOVE it, the stylist, or the prices. So, I headed over to Soma Salon for my appointment.

I was the only one there for a little while and my stylist got to work. My hair came out awesome. I love love love the cut and color. This is not really a "salon" experience where they bring you a latte while you get pampered. It was more of an in and out, get your hair done for a great price, experience. My only complaint was that he was pretty rough when washing my hair and I do love when they give you a massage while conditioning you. He also dried my hair a bit unconventionally but just hand combing and then using a flat iron. Which, I actually didn't mind because I hate sitting thru a round brush blow dry.

So, in thinking of where my hair lies on my list of priorities, I'm happy to pay less to get my hair done in a less fluffy salon experience. I'd rather save my time and money for other things in life! They also gave me a 20% off coupon for my next visit!

The rest of our day was pretty relaxing. After doing some other errands after my hair, Erik went surfing while Evie and I caught up on shows on the DVR. It was cold and rainy so Erik made us his chicken soup for dinner which was soooo good!

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