Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun Filled Sunday

Sunday was supposed to be a rainy day and it turned out to be awesome. Besides the time change of getting an extra hour of time, it was sunny, cool, and a fun day!

I had planned on running 5 miles today to prep for my 10K that is coming up this Saturday! It was chilly out but I don't like bundling up to run. I get so hot & feel so bogged down. So, I wore my usual outfit and put on an ear wrap and these cute gloves I got at Old Navy for like $2.

After about 2 miles, I was warm enough to take these items off which was great. I finished 5 miles in about 56 minutes. I kept a good pace the entire time but you know what slows me down - cross walks! I must wait at stop lights for 5-7 minutes of my run. I think that after this race, I will drive to the marina or golden gate park to run on paths so that I can accurately check my time.

After running, we had breakfast and then headed to the Rip Curl Pro Search 2011 at Ocean Beach! I will save that for another post because we have a bunch of pics. It was really fun to see surfers live at our beach!

After watching the surfers, I brought Evie out to a part of Golden Gate park that we haven't really explored and she had so much fun! We found all of these new trails and a little lake.

Here is the little lake we found. It was filled with ducks so Evie wasn't allowed to bother them.

Beautiful trees & trails

Lots of paths to follow in this area of the park

We ended up behind the golf course that Erik & I have played at before. On the other side of the lake, Evie really wanted to go in. I let her because the ducks weren't around.
What a baby. She doesn't swim so she was crouching in the water and wouldn't go in very far.

Here she is attempting to go in again.
She had a great time. We came home, she had a bath, and passed out.

Fun Sunday!

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