Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy Saturday

Erik and I had a busy Saturday yesterday doing a lot of errands. We are leaving for CT on Tuesday night so we just wanted to get it all done.

First up, the dreaded Union Square Crate & Barrel store.

We had a gift certificate we wanted to use because we desperately needed bowls. Yes, bowls. I swear we have broken like five bowls in the past year. We also picked up a new spatula, a thermometer, some glasses, and an awesome cutting board. The cutting board is called the Chop & Scoop because the edges are curved. You can cut up your vegetables and then drop them in the trash without everything falling off of the board .

After C&B, we went to Sports Authority. I wanted to pick up a long sleeve shirt for running and had a $10 off coupon! We are running a Turkey Trot in CT this week and I think it will be cold so I wanted to be prepared.

I am a big fan of Champion clothes. I think the trick with this brand is to buy one size up and then everything fits well. I like running in tank tops best and these fit well. Plus, the price cannot be beat. I think this was originally $25 and I got it for $7!
Loved this UA shirt from the minute I put it on. It is semi-fitted and a soft, wicking material. It was a little pricey at $30, but still cheaper than Nike gear! It will be perfect to run on Thursday and also here in SF now that it's getting cooler.
With the coupon, I got BOTH shirts for $30!

After Sports Authority, we went to pick wedding dress!! It was ordered & came in so we picked it up. Don't worry, Erik waited in the car and the dress is in a colored bag so he can't see it.

After driving around so much, we started getting hungry and cranky so we headed home. We made guacamole and buffalo chicken nachos while Erik put the hockey game on.

We also finished Friday Night Lights. I cannot tell you how sad I am that this show is over for us. This is right up there with Gilmore Girls for me. Both are two shows where you get so emotionally attached to the characters because you can relate to them. Thank goodness it's on Netflix so I can watch whenever I want. Can't wait for the movie.

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