Friday, February 10, 2012

Face Box

Last night, I was talking to my Grandma and something about Facebook came up. Here's a sample of the conversation:

"No one talks to each other anymore. They all talk thru the Face Box. No one sends cards or letters or even wants to talk on the phone. But, not me. I don't go on the Face Works to do that. I send cards to people."

I was dying. We were both cracking up because she kept calling it different things. haha. Love talking to my Grandma. She is always calm and helps you see another side of the story or show you a different perspective.

It was interesting that we were talking about Facebook because I saw a part of a documentary that talked about how FB is affecting society. It basically said that FB is watering down everyone's friendships and that people have all of these loose friendships rather than a few strong ones. By checking someones status updates and photos, people feel like they are in touch and have a relationship with someone.

I completely agree. I think people comment on other people's stuff and think that is sufficient. And people want to say, I'm too busy to make a phone call or send an email. Surprisingly, people aren't too busy to check Facebook 10 times per day! Technology is trying to bring us together but in reality, sometimes it can pull us apart. Food for thought!

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