Monday, February 27, 2012

Lazy Sunday

On Sunday morning, Evie and I went on a long walk and hiked up to the top of Buena Vista Park. It is definitely a workout getting to the top! After that, Erik was surfing so we also got a chance to catch up on the DVR.

As for Gossip Girl, the Blair/Dan thing NEEDS to be over. So lame! GLEE was pretty heavy & deep but nice to see them addressing the problems going on in schools today regarding bullying.

Anyway, we also watched the Oscars which weren't that exciting. Billy Crystal was pretty good as a host though - he had some funny, dry jokes.

Here's a typical Sunday at our house while we watch tv....everyone dozing off!

This week is pretty busy & I am heading to Ohio for work this week. Evie is going to camp so that will be exciting for her!

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