Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Fun Friday

This weekend was so much fun!! The band was back together because Kimmy was in town!!!

She was in LA for work so she flew up for the weekend which was great. I was off on Friday and we got to spend the day together. First up, we went to Ike's for sandwiches.

Deeeeelish. You may have seen this show on Man v. Food at some point.

We took Evie and our sandwiches to Dolores Park to sit in the sun. It was such a nice day out on Friday! Evie looooved being outside & hanging out with us. After lunch, we went on a walk with Evie thru the Castro since it was so nice out. She was soooo tired when we got home.

We met up with Erik for happy hour at Rogue. Then, we headed to Lower Haight where we ate dinner at Greenburger's then went to Toronado for a drink. By then, we were so tired so we went home and watched I Love You Man. Great day!!!

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