Sunday, February 12, 2012

On The Go Saturday

On Saturday, I went to my friend Lisa's baby shower. She is having a baby boy & due in April! The shower was held up in Mill Valley(north of SF) in her friends home. We had a brunch of smoked salmon, bagels, breakfast casserole, and more! We even finished the shower with my favorite, Kara's Cupcakes! Can't wait to meet her little boy!

After the shower, I came home and picked up Evie. We had another Presidio adventure. This time, we turned left when we normally turn right. We discovered a whole new area of the Presidio including trails and huge homes!
 First, we found the Presidio Wine Bunker. The Wine Bunker is "the city's only underground wine storage vaults available for individual wine collectors" Apparently the wine is stored underground here. Can't imagine how much that will set you back!
We found a clearing that is used for fallen tree storage & making wood chips. Evie jumped right up onto the pile to play King of the Castle.
 Check out this giant tree. You can see how big it was compared to Evie!
 At the end of the trail, we ended up at this giant home and yard. Apparently, we stumbled onto someone's driveway. By driveway, I mean they owned an entire cul de sac of area. We walked down this "driveway" to get back to to the main road.
 Here's another great home we found.
 Evie and I were going on & off the Bay Area Ridge Trail within the Presidio. We saw some great trails, homes, and views.
 Beautiful view of ocean!

At night, Erik and I went to Tacobar for a quick dinner. 

Then, we went to the Wine Jar for some drinks. We tried out some new beers and wines. Erik had:
Anchor Steam
Hop Ottin IPA
Chimay Trappistes

I had:
Meadowcroft 2008 Zinfandel
Twenty Rows Merlot
A Tempranillo(don't remember which one!)
Fun day with friends, getting outside, and spending time together!

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