Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Movie Night

Friday night was our monthly movie night and we saw Wanderlust. Movie night was fun because I got to see my friend Lisa (who's shower I went to a few weeks ago), my friend Nicole (her first movie night ever!) and her friend, Kelly.

First, we had dinner at the mall and I had the Roadhouse salad at Buckhorn Grill.  I get the same thing every time I'm at the mall but I love it!

Wanderlust was part stupid, part funny. I really looooove Paul Rudd. I love I Love You, Man. Jennifer Aniston basically plays the same part in every comedy she does, so this was no different. She is so pretty & I looove her hair.  

The movie is about a couple (Jen/Paul) who live in NYC. After George (Paul) loses his job, they move to GA to stay with his brother. They stop at a B&B for the night on their drive down, or so they think. Turns out, the B&B is really this free love, peace & harmony commune-type place. But, they love it because it's so different from their NYC, busy lifestyle. 

We definitely left the theatre thinking ", that was sort of stupid but kind of funny." I wouldn't recommend you run out and see it in the theaters however, if it's on Netflix in a few mos, you will get a few laughs!

One movie that I cannot wait to see is 21 Jump Street. It looks so funny!

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