Monday, April 16, 2012

Shopping Saturday

 Saturday started off right with a workout at the gym and then we headed out to buy some fruits & veggies. We went down to the Alemany Farmer's Market which is near our friends Shannon & Andrew's neighborhood.  We met up with them and did some shopping.
 The market was huge - two long aisle of stalls of different vendors selling fruit and vegetables. We got a ton of oranges, snap peas, and mushrooms. Also, picked up some sweet potatoes for enchiladas I will make this week. Erik also bought a peanut plant so yes, he is going to grow some peanuts.

 I forgot the name of these things but apparently they taste like the inside of a broccoli stalk.
After shopping, we stopped at Trader Joe's to get some groceries for the week instead of making a trip to Safeway. We had lunch & then Erik went out to meet his hockey team to watch the game. I got all of the laundry done and relaxed with Evie for a little while.
We have this picture AT LEAST once per weekend .haha. After lounging, I headed downtown to do some shopping. Got a few things at Forever 21 and Sephora. I came home and made pizza, hung out with Evie, and watched my shows on the DVR while Erik was out partying it up.
Here are the Daffodils we got at Trader Joe's. So pretty!

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