Monday, April 16, 2012

Winery Hopping

 Sunday was a fun day wine tasting with my friend Tiffany! We went to the Suisun Valley Passport Day. The weather was warm and sunny - the perfect day for winery hopping! Each winery was offering tastings and food pairings. We started at GV Cellars/Galvan Cellars where we both loved their Zinfandel and a red blend. We also had a crab rangoon and asian salad to taste!
 Next, we moved onto Suisun Valley Wine Cooperative where there were five wineries represented. We both liked the Barbera wine from Sunset Cellars and bought a bottle. The prices were really reasonable with most bottles from $15 - $25. This location had BBQ for their food item which was just OK. We made up for it though by bringing cheese and crackers with us from Trader Joe's.
 Our next stop was Ledgewood Creek Winery. This was the funniest location because they had the event in a room with a DJ. The DJ was really chatty and people were drunk dancing so we thought it was like an adult prom. ha! They had nice food items to choose from though including an Ahi Tuna crudo. There was also a Food Network guy there, that we hadn't heard of named James Aptakin?
 Our final stop was Winterhawk Winery where they had a live band playing and served Jumbalaya. The best thing about the tastings at these wineries was that they were pretty much unlimited! We tried anywhere from 4-7 tastings per winery. At Winterhawk, they even gave us a glass of wine, of our choice. So, we were able to sit and just chill out with a drink which was fun.

 Here is a Vineyard Dog named Tucker! So well behaved and chill. Just milled about the crowd.
After wine tasting, we headed back towards Tiffany's house and had a late lunch at Jack's. Our friend Kelsey joined us so it was great to see her. We finished the day with Frozen Yogurt at Coco Swirl. Yum!

I headed home after our wine day excursion to see Evie and Erik. It was a good weekend - we got a lot done, had fun, and relaxed. I can't believe it is only six weeks left until our wedding!! We are making final arrangements for things which is exciting. Thank goodness I like making lists :-)

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