Friday, April 6, 2012

Early Dismissal

Today is a day a lot of people have off due to Good Friday. My company does not give today as a holiday but we are getting out early! Woohoo!

Erik and I made a pact to do....absolutely nothing this weekend. We have been on the go non-stop and eating out a lot so we need a break. This weekend, we have decided not to eat out, go out, and just regroup. We are going to clean, organize, cook, and just get back on track. I think we have something going on every weekend from now until the Wedding.

So excited to go home to see Evie, do some laundry, and maybe even go grocery shopping tonight. Big night!!

In other news, we tried a new Zinfandel last night - Gravity Hills. It was pretty good but doesn't stand up to Rosenbloom Zin and certainly not Edmeades! It was a little flatter than those two wines but it was pretty good, especially for a $12 bottle. Plus, cool label!

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