Sunday, June 30, 2013

Car Shopping and a Boring Movie

On Saturday, we got some errands done including FINALLY changing my name on our joint banking account. Since it is an account with both of us on it, we BOTH had to go INTO the bank to do it. Of course, it took like 40 min to do because their printer wouldn't work, blah blah. We left there and went to the nursery because Erik bought a pumpkin plant.

Then, onto Home Depot (our FAVORITE place) to get dirt to plant said pumpkin plant. Finally, we drove out to Walnut Creek to look at the cars. First, we went to Nissan and tested the Sentra. We loved it! The car gets 40mpg highway --that is crazy! The price is right on a new Sentra, too.

Then, we tried the Jetta. First of all, a brand new Jetta was higher priced than the Sentra. We drove a used Jetta and it was SO different from the Sentra -- heavier, and harder to drive.

So, we think we decided to go for the Sentra since it is safe, has good gas mileage, and the price is right. We'll see what next steps are with the dealership! We have the contact info for both dealers so we will make some calls this week.

Did I mention it was 100 degrees in Walnut Creek. HOT HOT HOT. We looked at those cars and then sped to a Chipotle for lunch where we ate and drank like we were in the desert. Wow. It was 80 in Berkeley and we were thrilled to go back to that temperature!

When we got home from car shopping, we did some of this.

Erik went surfing with his friend Andrew so Evie and I rested and watched a BORING movie called Trouble with the Curve. 

And, that was our big Saturday!

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