Sunday, June 2, 2013

Social Sunday

Today, we were full on social butterflies. This is also not typical for us but we had a lot of fun. First, we had our friends Lisa, Justin, and their 1 yr old son Oliver over for lunch. I was very excited for this because 1) FINALLY we can have people over to entertain. We used to joke that if we wanted to have a party in our old apartment, some people would have to sit on the bed to have a place to sit. 2)We can finally use our serving platters we received as wedding gifts and of course, 3)get to hang out with our friends.

We sat outside and had veggies and hummus. For lunch, I made a Farfalle pasta, grilled chicken, red pepper, edamame, fresh corn salad with an avocado/lime sauce. So good. For dessert, we had raspberry bars. I cannot stop making them!

After they left, we chilled out on the couch for a bit and I took Evie to the park. Then, our friends Jenn and Andie came by with their new baby, Sawyer. She is just one month old and soooo cute and tiny!

Their friends started a "dinner train" for them where you can sign up to make them dinner so they don't have to cook. We signed up for today and made them some turkey chilli. They were in the area visiting friends so they stopped by to pick it up and so we could meet Sawyer.

Busy day but it was great to see everyone!

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