Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photos of the Week

Last week was pretty chill. Things are just status quo over here. Nothing too crazy going on, not a lot of big plans...Here's some shots from the week. 

Evie chillin' on the couch

Evie sleeps on the foot of the bed at night but in the AM, before we get up, I let her get under the covers. Lately, I get up and she stays in bed. I have seriously beg her to get up. It's like trying to wake up a kid that doesn't want to go to school! Sure, I could pick her up and carry her off the bed but she gets pissed. So, I have been going in the kitchen to make some noise and that usually gets her up. So lazy!

This is the mirror we haven't put up yet and one day, I saw Evie standing in front of it. We were dying laughing because we thought she was looking at herself. She may have been but what she was really doing was notifying me that there was a piece of dog food behind the mirror that she wanted. As soon as I realized that and gave her the food, she left the mirror right away. 

Check out these super cute straws. I got them on etsy for like $3. We are having a little bbq dinner party in a few weeks and I just thought those would look so cute with some mason jars as glasses. 

Erik's Mom sent us this lantern and suggested we put some of our gazillion wine corks in it. We tried it out & it's cute!

On Saturday, we went to the Berkeley Farmer's Market and had lunch at one of the food trucks. I forget the name of this one but the lunch was awesome. We got this whole plate for $8! It was lentils, tandoori chicken, rice, and veggies with a cucumber cilantro yogurt sauce. Delish!
It's the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and we are rooting for....Chicago. Yeah we are East Coasters but Chicago has been SO good this year. They started the season undefeated for a record number of games and it would be so nice to see them finish the season out with a big win. On Saturday, we went down to Triple Rock Brewery to watch the game where Chicago won and is up 3-2 of the series!

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