Sunday, June 23, 2013

Food Bank Volunteering

Last week started off great because our team at work volunteered at the Alameda County Food Bank. Together, we bagged peppers that would later be given to food shelters and churches that offer free food. 

There were a number of volunteers there that today and among all of us on the afternoon shift, we bagged over 740lb of peppers!! Another group bagged hundreds of pounds of peaches. 

We even got a tour of the facility after our shift. We were all heartbroken to learn that the Alameda County Food bank serves over 49,000 people PER WEEK. Unfortunately almost half of that number are children. So extremely sad. 

We saw the HUGE warehouse where food was stored. The food bank was the first one in the country to ban soda donations. That is awesome! They try to focus on fresh food because that is one type of food that typically is too expensive for folks to purchase. 

What a great afternoon. I think Erik and I are going to try to go one weekend shift and do some work. It was a fun challenge to see how many bags we could get done in our shift. Plus, we know we would be helping people in our own community that truly need it. 

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