Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oakland Bar Hopping

On Saturday, Erik went surfing and I got a lot done around the house. It was HOT out on Saturday - in the 80's. Evie is so not used to this heat. She just walked around panting like crazy for the whole day. She would go outside to lay in the sun, come inside, and repeat.

Our friend Kelsey came over on Saturday and we did some bar hopping. First, we went to Prizefighter in Oakland and met our friend, Kira. It's a bar with a huge deck which was nice to sit on. You can bring your dogs and this dog kept wandering over to us to be pet.

After Prizefighter, we went to Honor Bar for some food and a drink. 
They had a bucket of beers where you can serve yourself!

After Honor Bar, we went to Bar 389 in Oakland. Finally, we ended up at Missouri Lounge in Berkeley. 
Missouri Lounge looks sketchy but inside, it is just a divey bar with an outdoor seating area. It reminded us of Zeitgeist in SF. They even have food to order including GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. Now that is a good bar. haha. 

Now, four bars in one night is definitely NOT how we roll. We rallied since Kelsey was visiting us from a few towns away. The trick is to not drink a lot or drink fast, and then you make it until 11pm. hah. 

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