Saturday, June 29, 2013

Have a nice trip? See ya next Fall.

 On Friday, I took Evie up to Cesar Chavez park - our favorite park. It was hot and so we stuck to the perimeter path vs. running through the grass like usual. Evie is 7 and I am noticing little things that make me realize she is not a young dog anymore(even though people ask me if she is a puppy sometimes!) She gets tired a little more easily now and likes to run around but take rest breaks. 

Anyway, between the huge, grassy area and a parking area, there are chain link dividers - you can see in this picture.

Well, sometimes Evie jumps over them like a little horse in a competition. She was tired and I could tell didn't want to be in the grass anymore so I wanted to get her to the parking area to walk on the pavement. So, I jumped over the divider to get her to do it. Well, suddenly....I was on the ground.

It happened so fast but my toe of my left foot hit the chain and I literally hit the ground with my hand and my chin. Oh yeah. My whole head was vibrating as I stopped my fall. No one was really around...THANK GOD. Wowwwwwweeeeeee. I need a helmet to get through life sometimes. So, I drove home with my chin bleeding on my shirt but was thankful I really didn't split it open and need stitches. I just have some road rash on my freaking face right now, my thumb might have a slight sprain as it is hard to move, and my knee has a big bruise and cut on it.

That was our Friday night!! Me, laying on the couch with ice on me. Ahhhhh. Maybe Evie is not the only one around here who is not a spring chicken anymore!!

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