Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office

This office is very different from our CT office. We had a full office staff, cleaning crew, etc. Here, we share the floor with 2 other agencies and we all have to swap off cleaning the kitchen. Not like scrubbing the floors, but managing the dishwasher. We also have this office manager who works for one of the other agencies and is very serious about keeping that kitchen clean. Today, I saw a sign on the microwave that said 'News Flash: Your Mother does not work here. If you spill in the microwave, clean it up'

If we dont empty the dishwasher like 2 seconds after we get in, she 'reminds' us to do it.

Oh and her nickname (that she knows about) is.........Nana b/c she is like the 'house mother'. Please!


k. mead said...

we need a house mother at 107 warren st.

Suz said...

Funny. But if there was no Nana, it may be a pigstye. ;)
I thought you were going to post about the show The Office. Which I did not watch yet.....