Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I get to work today and my computer wont start up. A screen comes up with an apple on it and little circle thing going round and round and round. I call IT and like 3 hours later I get this crappy loaner. 

Now, let me say, I don't really take care of my work computers that well. I should. They are nice MacBooks. I get food on them. They are thrown in my work bag. My work bag with the computer in it falls off the counter in the kitchen once or twice. Anywayyyyy - convo with me & the IT guy who is a little weird
Me: So, what's wrong with it
Him: Oh I'll tell you whats wrong with it. THIS for starters. (Points to the dent on the computer) and THIS(smear of something on the protective plastic case - note i said PROTECTIVE PLASTIC CASE) and THIS (smudge of something else)

Quiet while he sits there and tries to set up the loaner. 

Him: OK so I will TRY to get your stuff off of your old computer but I think the harddrive is fried. 
Me: Oh come on, you can work your magic. I know you can get everything transferred (clearly sweet talking him so I get my files)
Him: He He. We'll see. 

So, we'll see....right now Im on this crappy loaner. AND, I haven't done any work this AM and cant be blogging and Google Readering and Facebooking for awhile. I mean - WTF!!

So I will have to tell you about the suit buying and the jelly cookies later today. 

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Moonlady said...

you have a hard job...