Monday, December 1, 2008

Last Week

Ok I am feeling better & stopped crying. I will be watching Christmas movies every night through December and that will make me happy. So, last week was great. Here is the breakdown:

Kimmy arrives. We had dinner at this awesome restaurant, Betelnut.

We got a mani/pedi and made 2 apple pies while we finished off a bottle of wine.

Get ready, apples!

Kimmy doing the crust

Evie wondering, 'When do I get my piece?'

Almost ready


Nice work

Needless to say, we made 2 pies for 4 people. So, we ate 1/2 of one on Wed and then the other 1/2 on Thurs AM. So, then we had one left for dessert on Thanksgiving.

On Wed night, we went to the Little Chihuahua for tacos and watched a Christmas movie!

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