Tuesday, December 2, 2008


On Friday, after Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas decorations & had an Italian dinner in North Beach at Firenze By Night.

Our tree is 9.5 feet high. It's fake and pre-light.

The balsam fir rocket has landed!

Wrapping the tree with ribbon

Putting on the ornaments

Our stockings

Now this special section of the tree is called the 'Pet Memorial' because it is an ornament of Molly(RIP 2006) and Poodge (aka Woody, aka Poody, RIP like 10 years ago?? - we don't really know because oh wait, we didnt own him!)

The Tree!


JeanineIrene said...

OMG. Poodge. The cat came back. The cat came back. Reeeeeerrr.

The tree looks pretty!

Hedder02 said...

Thought he was a gonner but the came cat back, he just couldn't stay awayyyyyyyyyy (followed by heavy breathing, meowing)