Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suit Buying & Jelly Cookies

Last night, we braved Macy's in order to get Erik a suit for his Holiday work party which is pretty formal. So, we go to Macy's and head to the suit department and are just like, 'Uhhhh what do we do now'. The sales associate told us what size Erik would be & we picked out a few colors. He tried them on but really, I didn't know how it should fit. So, we brought the other sales associate in and he said that the suit looked good. Ok so then the tailor came in to take measurements. About 1.5 hours later, we were done. He found a great suit and get this, it was 50% off. Plus another 10% for some other reason. We pick it up next week.

Next up, I saw these great jelly roll type cookies in Rachel Ray. All you had to do was roll out pie crust dough, cut into triangles, fill with jam and roll up. Well, I guess I put too much jelly in because it was spilling out the sides. Plus, I rolled the first batch the wrong way. Even the second batch was spilling out. When jelly spills out onto a cookie pan, it sort of glues them to the pan. I was hoping to use these as treats to pass out to my co-workers tomorrow. So, 2nd round of cookies that didn't come out.

I found the good cookie recipe & will do that tonight.

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