Monday, December 8, 2008

Girls on The Run

On Saturday morning, my alarm with off at 5:45am but it was for a great cause. I volunteered with Girls On The Run. I really love this group because of the support it gives to young girls. We set up the race & the tables & the food. We had over 1,000 runners. The girls are so excited when they finish and love their running buddies & coaches. It's great to see. I think I want to be a running buddy in the May race.

This year we had a 'High Five Line' at the end of the race. Sadly, some of these girls need people to cheer them on when the come back because their parents aren't there to see them. This program is for all income levels but some of these programs happen at schools where these girls do not have a family. This program is something these girls look forward to after school each week.

Here are some pictures!

2 volunteers.

Juniper, a volunteer with a group of boys volunteering with us

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