Monday, December 1, 2008


OK onto Thanksgiving. We had a lazy morning and then prepared...the turkey. Now, last year Erik and I spent Thanksgiving in CA. We bought a turkey that was already prepared & in a bag. You just put it all in the oven & it cooks.

This year, I wanted to play Martha Stewart and do it for real. How it played out:
1. "I'm scared what the turkey will look like when we take it out of the wrapping"

2. "Yeah I heard there is a neck in the turkey and this bag of like liver & pancreas"

3. "OH MY GOD. This is digusting. (Screaming by both of us). Ilk. Look at the skin and what is that? Oh gross. Heather - get out of here, I will do this" (Kimmy pulling the NECK out of inside the turkey & throwing it in the trash).

4. "OK let me rinse this thing out. oh groooooooooss. (screaming)

Ok so then we get it onto the rack. We stuff it with onion and stuffing. We baste it with wine/butter/lemon mixture. Looks good, right?

We take it out & check it, baste it, etc. It is looking good. So then we stick the thermometer in and it feels weird.

Everyone says, "Where's the meat?"

Amy "Oh my god. Did you guys cook the turkey UPSIDE DOWN?"

ummm yep!

Finally - here is what it looks like...

Next year, its turkey in the bag or I'm getting it cooked and delivered!!'s Evie trying to swipe a cracker.

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Sarah said...

OMG!! this was hilarious. You cooked the turkey upside down!!