Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bottle Rock

On Friday, we drove up to Napa for the Bottle Rock festival. We went to a specified parking lot and got free parking thanks to our passes. We went in a special little shuttle bus over the concert. We scanned our tickets for these special VIP passes. 

We went over to the festival and there were a ton of food and drink vendors and three big stages for the shows. 

For those about to rock, we salute you!

 We got up there around 6 so we only saw a bit of the Flaming Lips and Black Keys. 

We only stayed until 9pm. It was SO crowded and it was just too much. There was a VIP section next to the Black Keys stage with a private bar and bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom was overflowing so we couldn't use that. We left and couldn't get back into the VIP area at all because it was so packed.

I really hate being in big crowds like that and start to feel panicky when people are crowding me and bumping into me so we moved to the back of the pack of people watching the band. I don't really understand why people think this is better than just listening to the band on spotify. Both Erik and I were like, lets go home and get on the couch where we belong. haha.

We're grateful for winning the tickets and having the opportunity to go to the festival but it wasn't our scene.

On Saturday, I gave my passes to my friend Kira so I hope she enjoyed herself!

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