Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Table & Evie's Scared

This weekend was filled with various activities: going out to breakfast, errands, hanging outside, going to dinner at the Triple Rock Brewery, and going to SF to pick up a dining set we found on Craigslist! 

We needed a dining set so I scanned Craigslist and found this great set that was basically new. 

It will definitely do for now until we find something we are in love with. I can't wait to pick out a cute table runner from Etsy for it. Now, we can have people over for DINNER! Wow, that will be a first to have people over and be able to sit at a table!!

Here's a funny video of Evie. We had this little blow horn thing from our friends birthday party and I used to scare Evie. Check her out.....

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