Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hang Ten and La Jolla

Monday was our last day away so we started off guessed it, breakfast and the beach! We went back to Pipes Beach again. 

Our flight was around 5pm so we checked out of the hotel and drove south with plans to stop in La Jolla  for lunch. 

First up, we stopped to take photos with this surfing statue. Erik says that the local surfers dress him up at various times in the year. ha!

We stopped by another famous surf shop, Mitch's. They were closed but we still took a photo!

Hang Ten, Bra!

We stopped in La Jolla for lunch and went to the Karl Strauss Brewery. They had some great beers on tap and the food was delicious. 

 I had a lime, chicken, mango salad. Soooooooo good. 

 Erik had the fish tacos which he said were great

Another funky mural....

We took one last stroll to the beach...La Jolla was beautiful and the downtown area was like a Greenwich, CT. BUT, there were so many tourists there that it was packed with all of these out of towners which kind of took away from the upscaleness of it all. 

And with that, our trip was almost over. It has been one awesome year of being married. We can't believe it's been a year already. Any relationship takes work and constant care but we have so much fun together and it is all worth it. Here's to many more anniversaries!

Isn't the first year anniversary gift paper? Yay! We got it right! haha

We had a great, relaxing, fun time and cannot wait to go back. We can fly down there in 1.5 hours or drive in 7. We are already trying to see when we can go back! 

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